About Us

Company Overview

Readysell Computer Solutions provides:

  1. Customisable user driven software,
  2. Positioned in the open IT environment,
  3. Supported by the highly skilled Whole Systems Readysell Management Team

Whole systems management

Readysell are specialists in:

  • Stationery and office product software
  • Hardware and timber software
  • Point of Sale and distribution software
  • Windows technology
  • Hardware and networking
  • Specialised reporting
  • Web connectivity and Internet technology
  • Whole IT solutions management

Putting you in the driver’s seat

Readysell uses the most standard IT infrastructure available. An SQL database puts you in the Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) environment. Microsoft’s universal accessibility protocols allow customers easy software integrations and data exchanges. It also positions you in the highly serviced, plug and play solutions market.

Readysell will provide sophisticated solutions at each layer of the IT infrastructure. From Readysell’s highly specialised Point of Sale software, to its state of the art merchandising system. Through to Readysell’s warehousing software and corporate financial management tools. Using the customisable and flexible Readysell platform, the ability to adapt and develop is back in the YOUR hands.