Flexible report engine

Readysell’s reporting engine provides three types of reports, each one tailored to suit different needs. All report types can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF and many other formats.

List Reports

Simple to use grid-based reports. Easily drag-and-drop to add, remove and re-arrange columns. Quickly group and sort the results.

Form Reports

Powerful formatted reports for printed layouts or advanced multi-level reporting. Ideal for printed invoice, order and receipt layouts.

Analysis Reports

Cross-tab pivot grid and pivot chart reports. Analyse your data on a summary level with live recalculation as you re-arrange groups and columns to expose new insights.

Fresh in your inbox every day

Reports can be scheduled to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and then automatically save to file, email or print the result.

Screenshot of dashboard in ReadysellYou’re in the driver’s seat

With dashboards, you can get a high-level, real-time view of your business. We have built in dashboards to show you where you’re at from financials, inventory, sales or service perspectives – and it’s just drag-and-drop to customize your dashboard to make it your own.

Get what you need quickly

Using pre-built cubes, we can generate your reports quickly – even with the biggest data sets. Every night Readysell will pre-aggregate relevant data to ensure your reports are snappy when you need them.