Point of Sale powerhouse

Readysell’s sales module has been built for speed. With support for touch screens, deep-integration with barcode scanners and support for receipt printers and cash draws, you’ll never leave your customers twiddling their thumbs while you process their sale.

Readysell integrates with regular bank (via PC-EFTPOS) and Tyro terminals, providing you with a wide range of options for accepting credit and debit card payments seamlessly at Point of Sale.

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Know your stock

With stock allocation and back order management, you can be sure that you can deliver on your promises. The moment you enter your sale you can guarantee your customer when they’ll get their goods.

Screenshot of quote management features in ReadysellQuote management

Readysell lets you formulate quotations for customers or prospects using a range of tools. Once you have it just right, the quote can be quickly sent to the customer. If they like what they see, it’s just a click to convert that quote into an order.

Sales force management

Readysell’s customer relationship management (CRM) component lets you easily track your leads and prospects and convert them into customers. Your sales force can even review and update their calls on the road using the Readysell mobile app.

Batch it up

You can generate shipments on batch, invoice on batch, even create sales on batch. You’ll never have to waste time with repetitive sales entry again.

Seamless web sales

Thanks to Readysell’s unparalleled Office Brands integration and extensive APIs enabling third party web site communication, web orders drop seamlessly into your existing ordering workflow.