Cloud Backup

Readysell’s business disaster recovery solution

Does your businesses have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan? If the answer is no, we’d like to introduce you to My Secure Backup. My Secure Backup is Readysell’s off-site backup service. The service is fully set up by Readysell and we provide you with easy to use monitoring tools as well as a nightly backup report via email.

Chart showing the stages of disaster recovery


  • Securely backup, sync, and access data between teams of 2-100. Powered by storage options from cloud leaders Rackspace and Amazon, My Secure Backup gives you everything your business needs in one easy to use package.
  • Easily setup secure network drives for your users
  • Robust online backup to protect your critical files
  • Share files between multiple computers from anywhere
  • Multi-way sync keeps files constantly up to date
  • AES-256 encryption with a key you create and control
  • Disk Network Drive gives your users a secure place to store and share files as if they were already on their computers. Easily control and limit access for each user.
  • Users can instantly sync document updates and changes with others so the entire workgroup has access to the latest files right on their local computer, even when they are offline.
  • A unique Backup Vault feature makes backups more efficient and reduces storage costs with compression and a server-grade de-duplication technology that prevents users from backing up the same data twice.
  • Easy to access and sync your files through our secure website or our USB version that you can carry with you.