RObI Update – Automatic Dealer Ordering

RObI Update – Automatic Dealer Ordering

We have been working hard over the last few weeks getting RObI out to as many customers as possible. We are happy to report that nearly every eligible Readysell customer is now running RObI.

We are now in the process of turning on a feature that has been exciting for many Office Brands members – automatic dealer ordering. This feature will automatically send purchase orders to participating suppliers and receive confirmation for this order automatically into your Readysell system. At the moment this is available for ACCO orders, however more suppliers will be made available by Office Brands in the future.

RObI ACCO Brands

In order to achieve this, we will be sending out an update for some ACCO product data, including costs and minimum order quantities. This is an ACCO requirement which exists today, but is increasingly important when we try to automate the system. These updates will be distributed in the form of a catalogue update.

John will be contacting each eligible store over the next couple of weeks regarding activation of this feature.