RObI Update

RObI Update

A couple of months ago, we introduced you to RObI – the Readysell/Office Brands Interface. Today, I’d like to send a quick update to ensure you are aware of what RObI is doing.

RObI is importing customer orders from WebSphere into Readysell

When a customer places an order on your WebSphere site, WebSphere send that order directly to RObI and this is saved as a “SALWEB” or “SALHLD” in your Readysell automatically. Once this is done, you can review the order and continue processing it as normal. There is also an option to automatically print picking slips when the orders arrive in your system.

RObI is uploading customer invoices to WebSphere

When you create an invoice for a customer with a Web ID defined, the invoice will be automatically uploaded to WebSphere and the customer will be able to view it when they log into their account.

RObI is uploading your store (non-catalogue) products and prices to WebSphere

Every night, RObI will upload any new or updated store products to WebSphere. You can choose to show or remove a product by toggling the “Display on Website” flag in Readysell. You can get a report with a list of these products by following the instructions we supplied earlier.

If any of the functionality covered is not working for you, please contact us so that we can investigate the issue.

In the coming weeks, RObI will also be able to upload your Readysell contract prices to WebSphere. I will cover this in more detail once we are ready to start piloting this new feature.