Readysell 2 End of Life and Upgrade Path to Version 7

Readysell 2 End of Life and Upgrade Path to Version 7

Due to the age of the Readysell 2 software it has become impractical to continue support for this version. As such we will be discontinuing support for Readysell 2 on 30/06/2012. This means that you will be required to either upgrade to Readysell 7 or discontinue use of the software in accordance to your licence agreement.

Reasons for Discontinued Support

Some of the reasons are discontinuing support for this legacy version of the software include:

Upstream Support Issues

  • The last update to the file drivers used by Readysell 2 was 05/01/1996. Being over 15 years old, support for these drivers is becoming difficult. Additionally, changes to Windows operating systems over the ensuing period has resulted in compatibility issues. We cannot get any more recent updates to these drivers.
  • Because Readysell 2 was built for legacy Windows versions, there is a risk that at some point a Windows update will occur that makes it impossible to run Readysell 2.

Hardware and Software Incompatibility

  • Due to changes in the way Windows handles mouse and keyboard interaction, modern remote support software (such as LogMeIn) is unable to control Readysell 2. We can no longer remotely access Readysell 2 sites and type any data into the Readysell 2 windows.
  • All current versions of Windows Server and many installations of Windows 7 run in 64-bit mode. Some components of Readysell 2 will not run in 64-bit mode.
  • Newer multi-core CPUs are not utilised correctly by Readysell 2. As such, the old software actually runs slower on the newer hardware.

Security Issues

Readysell 2 will not work correctly if User Access Control (UAC) is enabled on a Windows system. As such, this feature must be disabled. UAC greatly enhances the security on a Windows system and having to disable it increases the risk of viruses, spyware and other malicious software infecting your system.

Internal Support Resources

The Readysell support team are familiar with the more recent versions of Readysell. Newer members of our support team are less familiar with Readysell 2. As a result it is becoming increasingly hard for us to provide support to our Readysell 2 customers

Upgrading to Readysell 7

Current Readysell 2 license holders will receive the Version 7 software at no charge, however there will be a cost of $3000.00 per site for the following:

  • Performing a site review for all equipment to determine compatibility with Readysell 7
  • Application of all required upgrades to ensure Readysell 7 software requirements are met
  • Installation of MySQL Server and Readysell 7 on all workstations
  • Conversion of all data from your current Readysell 2 system to your new Readysell 7 system
  • Pre-training on the new features of the system
  • Design of layouts for Invoices and Statements
  • Configuration of new features such as the Readysell Emailer

What Next?

If you are running Readysell 2, please contact us about upgrading to a more recent version of the Readysell software as soon as possible. As well as continued support, moving to the newer software will also provide access to many new features that have been added to Readysell. We will ensure that given sufficient notice we will convert your system to a more recent version of Readysell before 30/06/2012.