Office Brands Price Book Updated

Office Brands Price Book Updated

We have now sent out our first monthly update to the Office Brands price book. The price book data has been automatically updated in your system.

If you have not yet started using the Office Brands price book feature, here is a quick recap.

Office Brands has over 21,000 products available in their Data Portal. Many of these products are not available in the Catalogues distributed to you via Readysell, such products are referred to by Office Brands as Class A, B and C products. To date there has been no way to make use of such products in Readysell without manually creating them – this involves members looking up the details for the products on the Data Portal and then re-keying those details into Readysell.

Readysell have now imported ALL PRODUCTS from the Office Brands Data Portal database into my Readysell Price Book module. Incorporating the following fields (with the possibility of expanding this in future).

  • EZ Code
  • Description
  • SupplierAbbrev
  • SupplierPartNo
  • MOQ
  • Cost
  • SellUnit
  • Barcode

To use make use of the Office Brands Data Portal data:

  1. Go to the browse products window in the products module.
  2. Click on the insert button.
  3. When you enter a product code for a new product the system
    1. entering the EZ Code (from looking it up on the portal) or
    2. by entering the supplier part no. or
    3. scanning in a barcode, now checks the database to see if information about the product is on any catalogue or on the Office Brands Data Portal database. If the product is found in the Price Book you have the option to copy it to the product file effortlessly.

The system tries to match the new product code you enter against the Office Brands Data Portal and other catalogue data based on any of the following criteria:

  • EZ Code
  • Barcode
  • Supplier Product Code

The creation and merging of SKUs that may already exist on our product file under a supplier part no or (non EZ Code) will need to be manually managed and merged.

Nothfork Product Range from Pelikan Artline

Northfork ProductsAmongst the products available in the price book is the new range of Nothfork cleaning products available from Pelikan Artline. This new range includes products for

  • Food Service Hygiene
  • Washroom
  • Air Fresheners, Sanitisers & Deodorisers
  • Facilities & Housekeeping
  • Hand & Personal Care
  • Industry & Transport
  • Laundry Fabric Washing
  • Sustainable Land Leaning Solutions

Northfork Flyer
If you would like to learn more about the product range, please contact Pelikan Artline.