Office Brands Data Integration Improvements

Office Brands Data Integration Improvements

Readysell and Office Brands have been working together over the last few months to improve the data integration capabilities of Readysell with the Office Brands product database. We are now pleased to announce the culmination of those efforts is available to our Readysell 8 customers. The benefits of the new integration include:

  • Faster deployment of catalogue data updates
  • More frequent updates of data
  • Nightly update of full product database to the Readysell price book
  • Optional direct update of data to member product files

This has been achieved by automating the flow of data directly from the Office Brands product database into Readysell 8 member systems.

The new feature has already been activated in all Readysell 8 Office Brands member systems. On a nightly basis your Readysell instance will fetch product updates from Office Brands, then:

  1. If Office Brands has published a new catalogue, this will appear as an outstanding catalogue in your system, waiting to be loaded as you would normally
  2. If Office Brands has updated data on a previously published catalogue, this will appear on an outstanding “catalogue update” in your system, waiting to be loaded as you would normally
  3. Whenever Office Brands creates or updates any product, the equivalent product will be created or updated in your Readysell price book (you can then use a price book run to update your product file)

You can review the result of the nightly update by going to “Product Import Rules” under “Administration” in your Readysell instance.

Product Import Rules Screenshot

Readysell will provide a weekly email update to let you know of any new or updated catalogues – you should already have started receiving this. If you are not receiving this update or would like to be removed from notifications, please email

Also available is the option to have Readysell automatically update your product file based on the criteria of your choosing (e.g. products from certain catalogues only, or products that meet a certain data quality threshold). If you are interested in the automatic update feature, please open a ticket with Readysell Support to discuss your requirements and develop an implementation plan.

Readysell 7 customers will gain access to some of the benefits outlined above in the coming weeks. We will provide an update once this has been rolled out.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature and hope that it goes a long way to improving the quality, timeliness and overall usefulness of your product data in Readysell.