Readysell 8.19: Now with added integration

Readysell 8.19: Now with added integration

We have now commenced our rollout of Readysell 8.19 to all Readysell 8 customers. Readysell 8.19 features a host of new features, including multiple new stationery industry and Office Brands integration points. This post will highlight some of the new features we are rolling out over the next few days.

Screenshot of competitor price levels in ReadysellBe agile in the marketplace with competitor price data

Powered by the Office Brands Competitor Price Scraper, our new competitor price data integration provides Office Brands members with comparative pricing for major competitors right from the product screen. Readysell can also warn you if you are selling at a price above your competition and provides a simple way to price match quotes and orders.

Drive sales and foster customer relationships with campaigns

Our new campaign feature provides for centralised generation and tracking of telephone, email or direct mail campaigns. Target any segment of your existing customers and prospects to drive new sales, ensure customer retention or improve your existing relationship.

Screenshot of live stock data in ReadysellIncrease customer satisfaction with live stock feeds

The Readysell Supplier Stock Service provides frequently updated stock availability levels for a number of stationery industry suppliers. Stock levels can be checked right from your product or purchase screens, helping you make the right decision when placing an order. We are piloting with hourly stock updates from Dynamic Supplies and are in talks with a number of other suppliers looking to come on board over the coming weeks and months.

Reduce overhead with improved WebX contract integration

Our improved WebX contract upload integration adds support for across-the-board discounts on your entire product file and ensures contracts are automatically created for customers on custom price levels, even if they don’t have any specific contract pricing.

Save time with recurring payments

You can now set bank payments and supplier payments to automatically recur on a weekly or monthly basis, or just click a button to generate a new recurrence whenever you like.

That’s not all, folks…

There’s more than 30 other improvements and new features in this new version. Here’s a full list of of changes. Our documentation is in the process of being updated to reflect the new functionality. If you have any questions, please open a ticket through our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help you out.

  • [RSELL-1181] – Ability to reverse bank reconciliations
  • [RSELL-2638] – Allow sending customer debits via email batch
  • [RSELL-2869] – Warning on Email Batch Date Range
  • [RSELL-3766] – Machines To Track Parts Usage Supporting PM Service
  • [RSELL-3867] – Reoccuring bank payments and supplier payments
  • [RSELL-4287] – Allow for both on-demand purchasing and drop shipments to be used in the same instance
  • [RSELL-4804] – Head Office Invoicing
  • [RSELL-5015] – Add carrier to addresses on cards
  • [RSELL-5202] – Add sales history and alternate suppliers to the purchase run items tab on purchase runs
  • [RSELL-5273] – Pre-populate fields on machine when creating a machine from service order
  • [RSELL-5976] – Transactions and Cubes to support improved reporting technician and machine performance
  • [RSELL-6017] – Add customer remittance statement with full details of open items
  • [RSELL-6021] – Include the balance property to Sale Order detail view
  • [RSELL-6022] – Include “Unit Quantity Shipped” on the default list view for Sale Order lines on sale order transactions
  • [RSELL-6028] – Allow sale order receipts to be printed from workstation setting
  • [RSELL-6029] – Add expected lifetime meter counts as a property of machines
  • [RSELL-6041] – Improve the Populate from Price Book button
  • [RSELL-6042] – Add an initial count property to meters
  • [RSELL-6068] – Add a workstation option to force users to enter a cash count before closing shifts on the workstation
  • [RSELL-6075] – Add a ‘No Sale’ action to sale shipments similar to the no sale action on the stand alone pos program
  • [RSELL-6076] – Add a ‘Pay’ button feature to service orders
  • [RSELL-6077] – Allow purchase orders to be extracted from service orders more than once if the purchase orders for the service order are not in progress
  • [RSELL-6079] – Allow purchase orders to be generated for service orders even if all the lines on the service order are allocated
  • [RSELL-6081] – Add the ability to exclude back orders to the extract products action on purchase runs
  • [RSELL-6084] – Upgrade to DevExpress Framework v14.1
  • [RSELL-6088] – Improve machine service history tracking to include purchase orders, supplier credits, supplier payments and warranty claims
  • [RSELL-6100] – Add sale back orders to the related action on cards
  • [RSELL-6102] – Remove line numbers on some classes of transaction lines
  • [RSELL-6103] – Enable the delete button on service call activites. As long as the service order and the service order call have a status of open.
  • [RSELL-6112] – Add a campaign feature to Reaysell 8 with some of the features of standard internet campain engines
  • [RSELL-6113] – Allow price book run to create new products
  • [RSELL-6114] – Allow Price Category to be changed by bulk update runs based on product.primaryproductsupplier.cost
  • [RSELL-6119] – Allow uploading of all product discount contracts to WebX
  • [RSELL-6121] – Add a subreport band to the standard invoice layouts based on invoice machines
  • [RSELL-6152] – Display Competitor Pricing As Price Levels In Readysell 8
  • [RSELL-6169] – Add actions to display live stock on hand feeds for product suppliers