Country stationery dealer streamlines retail business with Readysell Retail Advantage

Country stationery dealer streamlines retail business with Readysell Retail Advantage

Readysell is continually working on improving the retail capabilities of its software. Readysell Retail Advantage is a group of features designed to optimize Readysell in point of sale scenarios. We recently worked with Connelly’s Office National to help demonstrate how these features can be used to gain efficiencies in a retail environment.

“Connelly’s Office National at Young needed to improve their service and retail business. So I decided to go with Readysell due to Readysell’s service module and Readysell’s “Retail Advantage”, a group of features optimised for stationery retail business. Readysell’s Retail Advantage has made a huge difference to my business. Readysell is also designed from the ground up to suit the service, warehouse and financial needs of Office Brands dealers. If you are an Office Brands dealer with any retail business, you should be using Readysell”

– Steve Connelly

Staff member using Readysell at point of sale

Readysell can be tightly integrated with a range of Point of Sale devices

Some of the Retail Advantage features that have helped streamline the retail business at Connelly’s Office National include:

  • “POS sharing” the two point of sale workstations. Speeding up staff access, transactions, cash counts and all aspects of retail. Connelly’s have combined the 2 workstations for end of day cash count (because they are shared amongst some many staff) and treat them as one cash draw, so end of day cash Count is simplified to balance 1 drawer to sales and drawer float, instead of 2 separate floats and balances.
  • “Scan anywhere” portable scanner technology that intelligently assigns barcode scans, virtually removing the need to look at the screen and vastly speeding up scanning of inner or outer units with variable quantities, stock returns, product lookups and other retail functions. For example, they can scan 1 pen and it sells as an each or scan the box of pens and it sells a box of 12.
  • “Staff tracking”. POS workstations are shared by about 6 different staff, but the automatic operator tracing quickly logs a staff member against every kind of POS activity. This makes it very easy to check back on these transactions if other team members have any questions or if trying to track down an error at the end of day balance, as well as providing sales reporting data.
  • “Simplified screen interface” enables simplified and efficient screen layouts plus the scanning automations really speed up POS operations
  • “Smart printing” ensures the invoice, credit, docket, label printing and emailing are automated and fast, the documents printed almost before finishing the transaction

We’ve also received feedback about how fast Readysell POS is moving forward. Some of the newer features Connelly’s are looking at include:

  • “Signature capture” allows you to capture signatures right at point of sale. A new feature which shows how Readysell is constantly enhancing their retail advantage
  • “EFTPOS integration choices” lets you integrate your EFTPOS units to Readysell POS with either Tyro to minimise charges or use your preferred bank’s EFTPOS units

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our web site or call (02) 9792-4439

“As a country store, Connelly’s needed retail to be a high priority when we moved to a new ERP. Our decision to go with Readysell has delivered big benefits inretail, service and other aspects of our business. If your interested in retail, Readysell can deliver the benefits you are looking for.”

– Steve Connelly