Reminder: Updating flyers in Readysell 7

Reminder: Updating flyers in Readysell 7

When an update to a flyer is released by Office Brands it has the flyer code and a -UPDATE after it. What this means is, when you’ve loaded the original and then the update, you now have two flyers running in your system for the same flyer.


  • ONTT16
  • OPDTT16

The correct procedure for handling update flyers is:

  1. From the Readysell Main Menu click on button Products
  2. Click on tab F5 Sales
  3. Click on button Promotions
  4. Find the original flyer code, click on it to select it, click on button Delete
    Screenshot of catalogue screen

This should leave the flyer update left on your screen and will therefore be running the correct version of the flyer. When later updates come out, they will replace the update as it keeps the same flyercode-UPDATE format as before.