Update on GNS integration with Readysell

Update on GNS integration with Readysell

Good afternoon everyone,

Over the weekend it became apparent that there was an issue with the integration between GNS and Readysell – because of a change that GNS affected to their systems on Friday. At the current moment, this latest change is not allowing our customers to send their purchase orders via EDI to GNS.

GNS informed us late on Friday of the change they had made to their system and gave our team instructions on the minimal changes required to Readysell in order to ensure that the systems continued to operate together. While our team made the requested changes immediately, unfortunately these did not work as we were told, and issues arose with this functionality over the weekend.

GNS are currently working on a resolution, and our team will be communicating with them constantly, to ensure the duration of this issue is as short as possible. We will update you all as the fix progresses.

In the meantime, the workaround to this issue is to send purchase orders to GNS via email. Use the “Send” button on purchase orders or email batches to send your purchase orders to GNS via email.