Readysell “Lachlan” August 2021 update

Readysell “Lachlan” August 2021 update

We’re pleased to announce that Readysell 8.59 (codename “Lachlan”) is rolling out progressively to all of our Readysell 8 customers. This release is focused on implementing some important service enhancements, improvements to the framework of the whole application, and actioning bugs that have been reported over the last period.

New feature Development

16088 – Kits Overhaul – Kit components can be in more than one location, components are added as their own line allowing for back-ordering and purchasing, reworked the existing “extract kit component” button to “unlink kit components” delinking the kit components so become a non-kit component line

16177 – Pre-populate the date and invoice number with the current date-time reference number from DDO/DD2 file when completing a purchase receipt

16135 – Added multiple product category support for some customers. Product categories can have multiple category ids allowing for multi-store sites.

16048 – Purchase receipt – Can now select any file extension for DDO/DD2 import module

16051 – Update existing purchase receipt lines if the same product is found when Importing from DDO/DD2 

16050 – Added support for purchase Order import from DD2 

16049 – Purchase Receipt will now create new products with product ID “SPECIAL” if Create-New-Product is false when import from DDO/DD2

Bug Fixed:

16115 – (applicable to particular customers) – Transaction Queue Failed on stock qty adjustment due to missing shift from Standalone Readysell POS

16187 – (applicable to particular customers) – Transaction Queue Failed when a web order was sent back from standalone Readysell POS to Readysell

16152 – Fixed transaction queue fail caused by purchase receipt. Fail was due to product having been allocated to sale shipment

16113 – Fixed a transaction queue Fail for email batches that had a missing image in the email body 

16148 – Fixed an issue for sale shipment API where auto invoicing was turning sale invoice into SALOIN and then not sending email as part of the end of day email batch

16182 – Product Price/Cost adjustment factor resulted negative if using divide method

15613 – Fixed issue affecting some customers where business intelligence was receiving full data instead of delta for contracts

16114 – (applicable to particular customers) – Fixed a transaction queue fail due to the tender from Standalone Readysell POS not rounding correctly

16186 – (applicable to particular customers) – Fixed an issue where a web order could fail to send to Standalone Readysell POS if the order had an empty note 

16175 –  Fixed handling of DDO or DD2 imports when a Purchase Receipt contained a Qty of zero