Readysell May Sprint 2024 update

Readysell May Sprint 2024 update

We’re pleased to announce that Readysell 8.62.5XX is rolling out progressively to all of our Readysell 8 customers. This release is focused on implementing some important service enhancements, improvements to the framework of the whole application, and actioning bugs that have been reported over the last period.

New Feature Development

16885 – Extended GetServiceOrder API to include Assigned Technician, Order Tenders and Order Type

16886 – Extend GetServiceOrder API to include Service Calls. Requires parameter IncludeServiceCall set as True in request

16966 – Multiple shipments for Service Order

16983 – [Retail POS] Print Gift Receipt on Order (full payments or completed)

17010 – Separated GenerateSupplyReplenishmentSales into it’s own task. No longer apart of GenerateRecurringTransaction task

17013 – Added pop up option when crediting to reallocate back to the sales order line or not. Note that the sales order needs to still be open and the system type “Sales”, “SALE-CREDIT-STOP-REALLOCATE-TO-ORDER” needs to be set to true – Relates to ticket 49393

17020 – Klaviyo integration Enhancements

Bug Fixed

15585 – Now when adding a part through a service order call and finalizing the service order line will have a status of allocated rather than ignore

15631 – When saving a service order, line is validated if you changed the qty supplied rather than only when attempting to the complete the service order

16603 – Fixed an issue that was creating a bland card id on a invoice with no customer for when created from a auto email batch line

16634 – Fixed an error that would occur when trying to a reverse a purchase order that have a serial linked to machine

16649 – While creating a service order line manually, you can now change qty supplied and click save to make the qtyordered the same as qty supplied

16876 – Fixed a mislabelling in the product import audit log – Relates to ticket 47613

16913– Fixed an issue where the Readysell web quote lines were sorted differently to the lines in the sales quote module – Relates to ticket 48363

16934 – Adjusted the timing of calculation for repair time and travel time on service call activities to be updated when the service call is finalised instead of when the service order is finalised. – Relates to ticket 39917

16990 – When adding manual lines to a service order the location of the product for the line will now pull from any location that has stock and you can pick any location that product is assigned to – Relates to ticket 51743

17009 – Fixed an error that was occurring when a integrated EFTPOS transaction is declined. – Relates to ticket 53049

17017 – Fixed issue where contracts that have all products selected and a contract price type of “Price Level” were not working as intended – Relates to ticket 52194, 53928

To check what version of Readysell you are currently running, click file up the top left of any screen and then click about.

And the following window will appear, where you can compare your version number to upcoming release number above.