Catalogue and Flyer Documentation Update

Catalogue and Flyer Documentation Update

There is now an updated document on loading catalogues and flyers. This new document adds on how to update product description cases and how to update product code prefixes.

The document is located in your RSELLO folder as well as on our Support Downloads site.

To find your RSELLO folder, go to your Readysell main menu and look at the image path at the top of the screen. Open up My Computer, go to that drive and then navigate to the relevant folder.

Inside the RSELLO folder is a sub-folder called “Catalogue & Flyer Loading Document”. Inside that folder “Catalogue & Flyer Loading Document” is the new document “November 2009 Very Basic CATALOGUE & FLYER LOADS WITHIN READYSELL.doc”

Please recycle your old document and print the new one. If you have any questions on this please email or call either Sharon or Sue.