Introducing Our Newest Team Member

Introducing Our Newest Team Member

We’d like to send out a long overdue welcome to our newest team member, Tony Zhu. Tony joined Readysell in late July and has been helping with the development of Readysell 8 and Readysell’s various .NET projects. As Adam will be on holidays for the next month, you may be hearing a bit more from Tony, so here’s a brief introduction.

My name is Tony Zhu and I’d like to introduce myself as a recent addition to the Readysell team.

I’ve joined the team as a Analyst Programmer after working for the last 4 years at a software company targeting financial services as a software developer. Some of my other experiences include software developing at a software center of a large oil and gas company in Beijing.

I’m hoping that my wide ranging experiences as well as specific skills with software developing technologies can be applied to my new role at Readysell. I am excited about helping improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations here at Readysell  and am confident that these improvements will flow on to each of Readysell’s clients.

I look forward to working with all of you.

We are very excited to have Tony on board, welcome to the team!