Reminder: Readysell 7 Management Reports

Reminder: Readysell 7 Management Reports

Readysell Report Wizard

Recently we have had some questions regarding management reporting. As such, we would like to re-release this post to remind our customers of the management reports already available in Readysell 7. Management reports are available under the category “Management Reports” in the Readysell 7 Report Wizard.

The list of reports that are being released includes:

  • All Sales by Date By Product Detail
  • All Sales Transactions Codes by Date Detail By TransCode
  • Bank Deposit Report
  • Customer Sales By Period Summary Grid
  • Customer Sales Summary by Rep by Period Grid
  • Customer Trial Balance
  • Daily Report 1 SalesByDaySummary
  • Daily Report 2 Sales Detailed By Day
  • Department Sales By Period Summary
  • Product List
  • Purchase Order Line Details By Transaction No Selection
  • Purchase Order Lines For One Transaction NO
  • Purchase Receipt Listing By Receipt No
  • Sale Outstanding in Details By Date Range
  • Sales By Period By Supplier Summary
  • Sales Comparison Against Stock Receipts
  • Sales Orders Outstanding
  • Stock On Hand Report
  • Top Selling Products Summary For A Range Of Customers

You can download a spreadsheet with a full list of available reports here.