Office Brands Loyalty System

Office Brands Loyalty System

Office Brands has been working with Readysell to implement a new loyalty points system which allows a store’s customers to get loyalty points for products they purchase.

The member loads a catalogue which is deployed to their system as normal. Loading the catalogue loads the points on your system. Alternately they can click on the catalogue, click the load one field button and just update points. They can see the points attributed to products on browse products.

Each time a product is sold, the system subtracts the tax from the value of each line. It then multiplies the value ex tax for the line by the number of points gained for the product. All the points gained for the product are totalled to the sale header. When the sale is posted the points gained is recorded on the customer. The customer points balance is also updated.

Invoices print the points gained for the sale and the overall points balance for the customer.

The customer can access a fixed web page to use their points. Office Brands Support centre informs the member when points are used.

The member presses a button on Readysell to record the fact that points were used by a customer. This updates the customer points balance.

In order to start running the loyalty points system, you will require an upgrade by Readysell to pick up the program changes to make the loyalty points system active.
Readysell is in the process of logging onto each store and updating your invoice layout to add in the fields for points for the customer’s sale and total overall points for the customer.

There is a global system reference to allow you to turn this feature on or off, there is also a flag on all customers that will allow you the ability to decide if a customer is participating.

A document exists that lets you know how to use the loyalty points system and how to get it started. You can find the document called “Office Brands Loyalty System.doc” in the “Office Brands” area on the downloads section of our web site. Please follow the document and call Readysell should you have any questions before going ahead with whatever it is you are uncertain of.