Pelikan Artline-Readysell EDI Integration

Pelikan Artline-Readysell EDI Integration

Readysell has been working with Pelikan Artline to introduce true electronic ordering to PAWS using your own Readysell system.

PAWS and Readysell

To use this new feature:

  1. Enter your Pelikan Artline order in Readysell as always – it will then ask if you would like to place your order electronically
  2. When you click yes it will take you straight into PAWS (Pelikan Artline Website and services) with your order completed – no double entries
  3. You will see your order listed on your screen with an image of each product on each line. Any back orders or discrepancies on price or quantity will be highlighted for you to fix on the spot.
  4. Once submitted your order will go straight to the priority cue, it’s that simple.

Other benefits include:

  • View invoices and statements online
  • Check on stock levels
  • Access all MSDS, images and product info

Frequently Asked Questions

Q When I check my stock does it look at my state?
A Yes

Q What if my data is not up to date in Readysell?
A Contact you Pelikan Artline Rep and we will arrange Readysell to update

Q Is it time consuming to make changes ie: price, issue quantity etc?
A No, just change it on your order and then in your system. If you fix it as it occurs all your data will end up clean

Q How much will this cost?
A Free

Q Is it any quicker to process orders?
A Yes, rather than your order sitting waiting to be keyed in it goes straight to priority pick and you don’t miss out on any stock.


“I have now been using the Pelikan Artline website in conjunction with ready sell for a few months and ordering stock has never been this easy. I wish other suppliers were as easy to order from. This is a great system that saves me a lot of time. I love it.”

Steve, Purchasing Manager, Officeway Office National

“We have been using the integrated Readysell / Pelikan 4PAWS system to place our purchase orders with Pelikan Artline for some time now, and we highly recommend all Readysell users give it a go! We generate our PO in Readysell as normal which, when ‘printed’ then sends it to the 4PAWS system for confirmation. At this point any discrepancies on moq, price, stock availability and/or coding is dealt with live, rectified and the order is submitted…a confirmation is then received. It’s been a great help in that there is no ‘lost or junk’d emails’, it confirms stock availability and integrates with both our system and the vendor’s seamlessly. I only wish we could place purchase orders like this with heaps of other vendors!”

Geoff Kindred, Express Office National