Partnership with Office Brands for BI Integration

Partnership with Office Brands for BI Integration

Office Brands BIOver the last few months Office Brands has been preparing and enhancing its Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Office Brands has been collecting data from participating members via weekly sales data feeds from Readysell and other ERP systems.

If you are a participating member, you should already have access to the AnalytiX member dashboards. These are divided into three major categories:

Member Benchmarking

The dashboard provides you with insights into your performance against the overall group performance. Dashboards in this area range from sales performance growth, Sales Trends, GP Trends, Average Order Value and Web Sales, compared to the Members of the group who are participating in the program as an aggregate. The dashboards also show your Top Product categories in terms of sales rank to the group Top Product categories.

Comparative Performance

Compare your business’ key trends in sales, GP, products and categories to prior periods.

Merchandise Dashboard

Provides a snapshot of your business sales data at any given point of time.

Readysell and Office Brands are now partnering to provide even more member benefit through the supply of customer and sales representative data. This additional data feed is opt-in, and if you are interested in learning more about the benefits, please get in touch with the Readysell team or the Office Brands BI Analyst, Ahmed Saeed.

If you are not already participating in the BI platform, we urge you to explore the benefits and consider joining. The Office Brands Intranet contains various resources explaining what is available and you can always get in touch with Readysell or Office Brands should you have any questions or concerns.