Agenda for Office Brands member workshop

Agenda for Office Brands member workshop

As we previously announced, we will be conducting a user group workshop at the Office Brands Support Office in Pymble (NSW) on the 22nd of September.

The member workshop will provide an opportunity for our team to not only share best practices with our current users, but also allow users to network and share their knowledge with the broader Office Brands member community. We are now releasing the agenda for this workshop.


1pm – 2pm
Readysell 7 Tips and Tricks

  • How to use key reports to manage your business effectively
  • Introduction to the new product markup by category feature
  • Office Brands integration in Readysell 7 – improving your business productivity

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Improve sales through understanding of customer category spent trends and share of wallet
  • Increase customer satisfaction via better targeted and more flexible pricing for customers
  • Improved business productivity by better understanding the Office Brands integration features available through Readysell 7

2:15pm  – 3pm
New Features and Functions in Readysell 8

  • Introduction to Readysell 8 from the context of a Readysell 7 user
  • Overview of features recently added to Readysell 8

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Understand the key benefits Readysell 8 can bring to your business
  • Learn how to make use of recently introduced features to improve your business productivity

4pm – 6pm
Reporting and Office Brands Integration in Readysell 8

  • Learn about how Readysell 8 handles integration with WebX, Office Brands data, competitor pricing and suppliers and how these features can save you time and money
  • Introduction to the reporting engines in Readysell 8 and key reports you can use to gain insight into your business

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of key ways in which Readysell 8 can benefit your business
  • Understand how data integration can delivery new and better ways to quote and sell

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