Readysell 8.24: Fashionably late

Readysell 8.24: Fashionably late

The Readysell team has been busy over the last month – we’ve been flying around the country and providing training as part of the OBU Techtalks and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a number of longer term initiatives such as the Readysell app. Nevertheless, we’ve still been able to put together a few new features for our Readysell 8.24 release, rolling out over the coming week. In this version we’ve put a particular focus on improving our CRM (customer relationship management) components and made some usability improvements to our purchasing.

Increase sales conversion rates with CRM improvements

We’ve made a range of improvements to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features. We’ve added more fields on cards (to track core targeting information such as industry and contact person roles), made improvements to the usability of cases, added the ability to track objectives and outcomes and introduced automated call cycles for regular follow-ups.

Reduce confusion with improved base unit handling for stock

With the availability of new data from Office Brands, Readysell will now allow you to sell products in quantities smaller than the default Office Brands sell unit. You’ll be able to take a box and sell it as individual units – you can even change your default sell unit if you like. Please contact Readysell Support if you’d like to transition your stock holding to the new base units.

Better manage your purchase from sales workflows

We’ve overhauled our purchase from sales system to facilitate a range of new scenarios and increase the flexibility of generating purchase orders from sales. You’ll be able to easily manage inter-member sales and drop shipments by choosing what you are ordering, who you are ordering from and what will happen to the stock when it’s fulfilled from the supplier – all from the one screen.

The rest of it

Here’s a full list of of changes. Our documentation is in the process of being updated to reflect the new functionality. If you have any questions, please open a ticket through our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help you out.

  • [RSELL-6354] – Inter member sales management via drop shipments
  • [RSELL-6440] – Show product’s primary supplier in the product list at POS
  • [RSELL-6452] – Add CRM Details To Card Detail View
  • [RSELL-6453] – Add additional CRM details for persons
  • [RSELL-6457] – Provide for following up leads, active customers, inactive customers and prospects
  • [RSELL-6459] – Add an industry property to cards
  • [RSELL-6468] – Add a property ‘Average Invoice Amount’ to cards
  • [RSELL-6469] – Improve cases as a contact management tool
  • [RSELL-6470] – Add call cycles to contacts
  • [RSELL-6498] – Allow more than one print setting on a workstation for the same printer and report.
  • [RSELL-6499] – Create purchase orders from the sales back order list back order module, then select, NEW, purchase order
  • [RSELL-6547] – Remodel Cubes To Persist Data Used By Cube Dimentions on the Cubes
  • [RSELL-6593] – Add new purchase run type “minimum” based on min/max but purchasing only up to the minimum
  • [RSELL-6714] – Ensure default sell unit on product correctly reflects a product’s base unit
  • [RSELL-6844] – Improve the placement of buttons on sale lines