Streamline your payroll process with Readysell Payroll

Streamline your payroll process with Readysell Payroll

In Readysell 8.30 we introduced Readysell Payroll, powered by KeyPay. Readysell Payroll is an online payroll system designed to make payroll simpler. It’s quick to set up, easy to use, affordable and fully integrated into your Readysell 8 system.

Readysell 8.30: Streamline your payroll process with Readysell Payroll

What’s Included?

With unique features such as a cloud-based employee portal, time and attendance and automated superannuation, Readysell Payroll can drastically reduce your payroll overheads.

Compliant Awards

Use our growing library of modern awards to automate your payroll compliance.

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Time & Attendance

Use the web kiosk to allow employees to clock on and off, on site, using any web enabled device.

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Employee Scheduling

Scheduling with award-based shift costing will help to reduce your staffing costs

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Flexible Payroll

Lots of easy to configure options make it easy to setup Readysell Payroll just to your liking.

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Pay Conditions

Create your own award rule sets or EBA’s to add compliance to your business processes.

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Automatically import your pay runs into your Readysell 8 cashbook to streamline your payroll process.

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Import timesheets into your payrun with a single click.

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Simplify your payroll with automated super payments, termination and leave calculations.

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Readysell Payroll Standard

Readysell Payroll Plus

  • Standard payroll functionality
  • Timesheets
  • Quarterly superannuation payments
  • Submit ATO forms online
  • Unlimited employees
  • All features of the ‘Standard’ plan
  • Automated pay conditions
  • Pre-built Awards
  • Time and Attendance kiosk
  • Employee scheduling
per active employee
per active employee

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