Dynamic Supplies Sydney warehouse now available in RS3

Dynamic Supplies Sydney warehouse now available in RS3

Readysell 8 customers enjoying the benefit of the Readysell Supplier Stock Service (RS3) to lookup live stock data are now able to view stock availability from Dynamic Supplies’ new Sydney warehouse. From your Readysell product screen, simply click the “Show Supplier Stock Levels” button and Readysell will show you up to date availability information for that product.

Dynamic Supplies Sydney Warehouse Now Open

The new feed adds to data from a number of other suppliers, including Pelikan ArtlineAlloys, Stationers Supply, Satex Distributors, WA Stationery and V Wholesale. Readysell is continuing to grow its list of industry integration partners for both electronic ordering and supplier stock integration. We’ll keep you posted as we introduce new integration partners.

Readysell Supplier Stock Service (RS3) in action in Readysell 8

If you have any questions or require assistance getting started with the new integration features, please feel free to contact our support team.