Free training webinars for December

Free training webinars for December

HeadsetMany Office Brands dealers have participated in and made tangible improvements in their business through Readysell’s free webinar training program. We are running some more training sessions this month and would like to invite all dealers to participate.

Please consider whether any members of your team would be able to attend any of the following sessions. Be sure to register so that we can ensures you are correctly set up prior to the session starting.

Readysell basics

Readysell is a large program. There are a lot of tabs and buttons that can be difficult to remember. We keep this session simple, tailored specifically to assist dealers that want help with basics like moving around Readysell, finding options, ways of printing transactions. If you are not very confident with moving around Readysell, printing, emailing or basic administration, then this is the course for you.

Difficulty: Easy

Contract price WebX integration

Not every contract price can flow up to WebX. We cover which contracts are local to Readysell and which will connect to WebX. Sometimes contracts may not make it to WebX. The course covers troubleshooting web integration issues – how to tell if a contract did not make it to the web and what to do about it.

Difficulty: Intermediate