Using KeyPay to Process Jobkeeper payments

Using KeyPay to Process Jobkeeper payments


Our partners at KeyPay have been extremely helpful during the recent developments with the government’s implementation of their Covid-19 support packages, and we wanted to share this information with our customers – and the wider industry.

Firstly, the following article explains the in’s and out’s of how the JobKeeper payment will be included in Single touch Payroll (STP) systems: Managing-the-JobKeeper-Payment.

One point to note is: “While most of the talk about the JobKeeper payment refers to fortnightly payments you’ll see there’s a section near the bottom of the article that explains how to manage the payment if you’re using a weekly or monthly pay schedule – the important thing to remember is that you must use the exact name (and payment classification “Allowance-other”) the ATO has requested for your new pay categories.”

The article also covers what to do if you’ve already paid your employees for 30/3/20 but want to claim the JobKeeper subsidy for those payments.

The JobKeeper-Eligibility-Report will assist you to check if an employee is eligible – please note this report is based on the data in the business for the employee and should be used as a guide only.

KeyPay is doing a great job of keeping abreast of the ongoing changes, and are updating their resources frequently. You can find more information here:
Questions about your business’s eligibility to receive the JobKeeper subsidy, or if an employee is eligible, should be directed to the ATO for more information 

Remember, JobKeeper is a subsidy payment to an employer to assist with the payment of wages to an employee and all the standard rules apply. It is not a payment to an employee – employees who are not eligible need to approach Centrelink directly.