An update from Readysell

An update from Readysell

To Our Valued Customers,

I wanted to reach out to you in these rapidly-evolving and uncertain times, to assure you that Readysell will be here to support you and your business through the current Covid-19 situation…and well into the future.

I apologize for the delay in getting this update out to you all, but we – like you – have been navigating through the recent turmoil, and have been unprecedently busy trying to ensure minimal disruption to ‘business as usual’ for our customers.

Several changes have happened across the Readysell team in recent months in order to evolve and grow the product. Firstly, I came on board as the new Managing Director, to oversee this new stage in our growth, and ensure we have the right team in place to continue to develop and deliver a leading solution to you.

To that end we have brought on new developers, Herman and Mohamed who, collectively, have many years developing solutions. They are both enthusiastic about the product, are building on a strong foundation, and have some great ideas for ‘where to next’

We will also be strengthening our Marketing, Sales and Customer Success functions soon, and I’ll be back in touch with more on that shortly.

While some of the names you know are no longer part of the Readysell team – with, Adam, Alisha and Stu moving on – John Nairn is still working with us and is putting in increased hours to ensure that his product and domain knowledge is available to you.

We are now even more committed to supporting you and your business, to this end we have our fortnightly webinars that will deliver ongoing learning and optimization opportunities to you and your team moving forward. We are also working to reintroduce the Readysell advisory user groups to help us grow and develop the product in a way that benefits you. If you aren’t currently booked in for one of these, reach out, and we will lock your team in.

While we are all coming to grips with the new, and hopefully very temporary, reality of ‘remote working’, rest assured that Readysell is still firing on all cylinders, 100% committed to our customers, and using this time to plan and prepare for an exciting future.

Stay safe,

Kind Regards,

Peter Drill

Managing Director, Readysell