Readysell March-May Sprint 2022 update

Readysell March-May Sprint 2022 update

We’re pleased to announce that Readysell 8.60.610 is rolling out progressively to all of our Readysell 8 customers. This release is focused on implementing some important service enhancements, improvements to the framework of the whole application, and actioning bugs that have been reported over the last period.

New Feature Development

15667 – Enhanced MPS Service Auto Increases to include finance factor in auto increase calculation. Relates to ticket 17056

15835 – Added ability for prepaid Sales Order to be invoiced from a Sales Invoice Run. Relates to ticket 20933

16283 – Added Meter Price Increase for all meter types. Relates to ticket 30376

16287 – Enhanced saving a style to allow for selection what sub styles will have updated display on web flag and brand.

16292 – The system will now remove spaces from phone number when sending SMS.

16293 – Added two new fields OrderTypeName and WorkflowStatusName for the CreateServiceOrder API.

16294 – Added return for all in stock serial numbers and the serial number required flag status for the GetProducts API.

16306 – (applicable to particular customers) Added extra column to existing contract BI. Relates to ticket 30879

16323 – Added Original Sell price to Get Products API. Relates to ticket 30620

16370 – Enhanced copy to contract action button on orders and quotes. Will now copy all active sub style products including price adjustments.

16386 – Global Payment (Eway) Integration.

16391 – Added Manual Unit Cost Ex Tax to CreateOrder, CreateOrders, CreateShipment, CreateServiceOrder, and AddServiceOrderLines APIs.

16401 – Added ability to allocate a freight cost from a purchase order or purchase receipt into all products within a chosen category. To setup, under system types, PURCHASING set PRODUCT-CODE-TO-BE-ABSORB to your non stock freight in product and set CATEGORY-NAME-FOR-ABSORB to the product category you want the freight charge to be absorbed by.

16449 – Changed the retail POS icons to match the existing Readysell icons.

16455 – (applicable to particular customers) Added ability to apply a site to a price level to manage more than 1 website

16490 – Added API restricted permission role that only allows the user to access CreateOrder, GetStockLevel and GetInvoices APIs.

Bug Fixed:

16104 – Added refresh product QOH button to manually refresh quantity on hand of all products from Readysell server. To correct stock syncing issue with retail POS. Relates to ticket 26052

16305 – Changed the length of the Productid on the product file to 50 so it now matches the productid in the price book.

16336 – (applicable to particular customers) Fixed an issue where product categories were being created in the wrong order, child then parent.

16345 – Fixed an issue where white spaces were not being striped from CC and BCC email address when using these address as a variable. Relates to ticket 34243

16354 – (applicable to particular customers) Fixed an issue where ESDProductImages was not returning expected product image. Relates to ticket 32152

16355 – Fixed an issue where existing card address “Street 4” was not being reset than reassigned by ESDSaleOrders. Relates to ticket 32027

16367 – XchangeIT (XIT) enhancements. Relates to ticket 32055

16376 – (applicable to particular customers) Fixed an issue where price levels based on discount from another price level were not sending to the web.

16381 – Fixed an issue where RS3 was attempting to create duplicate product units then failing.

16399 – Added warning validation for when a Purchase Receipt line’s product unit is different from Default Order Unit

16402 – Fixed a DevExpress threading issue that was preventing an operator from entering their pin after a POS sale. Relates to ticket 33537

16424 – Fixed an issue where you were unable to save and/or delete images on products. Relates to tickets 33693 and 32793

16425 – (applicable to particular customers) Increase the character limit for Web Category Owner ID to allow for 50 characters. Relates to ticket 33485

16426 – Fixed an issue where kit components required scan checking in a Sale shipment before it could be completed. Relates to ticket 33751

16432 – Fixed an issue when creating a sale shipment via the API failed due to missing Invoice Tenders. The system will now create/assign the tender to the card that was specified in the request Relates to ticket 31972

16435 – Fixed an issue so markup from cost price levels are sending up correctly even when calculating based on price categories.

16456 – Fixed an issue resulting in the Readysell test system failing to post transactions

16465 – Fixed an issue that resulted in blank card ids when creating a new card from the retail POS.

16470 – Limited Stocktake batch description limit to 80 in the Retail POS to match the limit in the database.

16487 – Fixed an issue where you were unable to email using “email prompt” out of Readysell when completing a transaction. Relates to ticket 34726

16489 – Changed machine part reordering to only add parts to existing sale orders if the sales order has a status of open, the source is automatic, and the sale order was created by the service user.

To check what version of Readysell you are currently running, click file up the top left of any screen and then click about.

And the following window will appear, where you can compare your version number to upcoming release number above.