Readysell March/April Sprint 2023 update

Readysell March/April Sprint 2023 update

We’re pleased to announce that Readysell 8.61.5XX is rolling out progressively to all of our Readysell 8 customers. This release is focused on implementing some important service enhancements, improvements to the framework of the whole application, and actioning bugs that have been reported over the last period.

New Feature Development

11940 – Mobile App (Android) – Sale shipment picking now can be invoiced if paid in full even if the customer has no tender setup in their card.

12364 – Mobile App (Android) – Allowing any technician to see all unassigned service orders.

12399 – Mobile App (Android) – Standard Notes now available for all Service Calls Activities and the Standard notes are now sorted (use System Types > Mobile Application > Allow All Activities Add Parts Notes). Relates to ticket 34312.

16341 – Mobile App (Android) – IFS Smart Freight Integration. Relates to ticket 31877.

16719 – Mobile App (Android) – Now Validate Quantity Picked with Quantity Required will be the same for Kit Components on Shipment Picking (to enabled use System Types > Mobile Application > Validate Shipment Picking Kit). Note that the Kit Master must have “Exclude from App” ticked in product setup.

16736 – RetailPOS – Added new column Quantity On Transfer Pending in Product Details. Relates to ticket 42005.

16459 – Added ability to Mark All, Mark Selected, Unmark All and Unmark Selected on Statement Lines in Bank Reconciliations module.

16702 – Added Charge To and Parent Card ID in Get Card and Get Cards API.

Bug Fixed

16281 – Mobile App (Android) – Fixed an issue where Non-Trading Sites appeared on products. Relates to ticket 26748.

16346 – Mobile App (Android) – Fixed an issue where the product image was showing below the product unit text instead above it. Relates to ticket 31731.

16516 – Mobile App (Android) – Added warning when enter End Time less than Start Time in service call activities.

16709 – Mobile App (Android) – When picking a shipment with Kit Product, now only displays and processes Kit components on the app. Kit Master must have “Exclude from App” ticked in product setup. Relates to ticket 41734.

16714 – Mobile App (Android) – Fixed an issue where when completing a delivery or shipment they weren’t returning to delivery or shipment list.

16730 – Retail POS – Fixed an issue where a Kit Product duplicated in web order after completed from the Retail POS.

16733 – Retail POS – Fixed an issue for duplicate or missing shift.

16742 – Retail POS – Fixed an issue where after scan a product in sale transaction does not move to next row.

16731 – (applicable to particular customers) Fixed an issue where List pricing was being deleted from website after upload Bulk pricing.

To check what version of Readysell you are currently running, click file up the top left of any screen and then click about.

And the following window will appear, where you can compare your version number to upcoming release number above.