Readysell 7 November 2014 Update

Readysell 7 November 2014 Update

We have recently released the November 2014 Update for Readysell 7. This update includes a number of new features and enhancements designed to make you more productive and gain deeper insights into your business. Some of the changes we’ve made include:

What’s new?

Department/Category Price Matrix

The department/category price matrix allows you to override the sell prices for price levels outside the ranges used by Office Brands based on category and markup.

Readysell 7 - Customer Open Item ChartCustomer Open Items Charts

Readysell can produce Charts in summary that extract by Transaction Code by Period the Dollar Value for each transaction type for the date range selected.

  • This Chart is colour coded for each transaction code for each Period in question.
  • The periods are displayed across the bottom of the Chart.

Business Intelligence (BI) Graphs

Readysell generates Graphs for Business Intelligence by Product Category in summary for Total Dollar for the Period for the following criteria’s – Sales, Stock on hand, Stock Aged by Last Sale, Sales Percent of Wallet.

Readysell 7 - Management ReportsManagement Reports

There is a standard set of Readysell Reports that can be run and exported to either Excel, CSV.

Alternate Delivery Addresses on Drop Shipments from a Supplier to a Customer

Readysell has a feature now to allow you to select an alternate delivery address when placing Purchase order straight from the supplier to the customer.

Disabling Catalogue Cost Price Updates

Readysell now has a feature to allow you to ‘Disable Catalogue Cost Price Update’ on Products before loading a catalogue. If the flag is set to True, this product cost price will not be uploaded when the catalogue is loaded. If the Flag is set to False, the product cost price will be uploaded when the catalogue is loaded.

Eliminating Sales Backorders that are in the Location of EDU from Inserting a Manual Purchase Order

A query filter pop up box has been added to allow users to eliminate and filter selections when inserting a Purchase Order.

Tell me more!

We have a series of documents outlining the changes in the update and how to use them:

When do I get it?

Most customers have already received the update. If you are yet to receive these new features, please contact Readysell Support to be fast-tracked in the upgrade cycle.