Readysell 8.25: Now with added integration

Readysell 8.25: Now with added integration

Hot on the heels of our recent announcement of new integration with ACCO Australia, Stationers Supply and Newell Rubbermaid, we’re pleased to release Readysell 8.25, rolling out to all of our Readysell 8 customers over the next week. Not only does this release bring some new integration points (with Canon and Office Brands), but we’ve also been able to squeeze in some commonly requested features.

Readysell 8.25: New integration to streamline web customer onboardingStreamline web customer onboarding with new integration

We’ve worked with Office Brands to add the capability to upload customer data directly from your Readysell system to WebX with the click of a button. Now, you only have to enter the customer details in one place to quickly get your customer up and running in your system and on the web. This will not only save you time when creating new customers, but will also help ensure that your customer’s web integration works correctly from day one.

Reduce administrative overhead when making minor changes

We’ve built Readysell to be as robust and auditable as possible, but we’ve heard your feedback about certain scenarios where this adds too much overhead to common business processes. One of these is handling minor changes to completed invoices (such as fixing the delivery address or customer order number). We’ve now added the ability to make such changes for a configurable period after an invoice is finalised to help avoid unnecessary reversals.

Readysell 8.25: Automate managed print services with Canon eMaintenance integrationAutomate managed print services with eMaintenance integration

Canon’s eMaintenaince platform allows for intelligent remote management of Canon devices. Readysell can now interface directly with Canon’s web service platform to extract daily meter counts and populate them into Readysell. Combined with semi-automated and automated email count imports, this integration can be used to greatly reduce manual work at end of month when generating invoices for managed print services.

The whole kit and caboodle

Here’s a full list of of changes. Our documentation is in the process of being updated to reflect the new functionality. If you have any questions, please open a ticket through our Support Centre and we’ll be happy to help you out.

  • [RSELL-4196] – Persist “Quantity on Hand” onto POS stock adjustment
  • [RSELL-4621] – Show posted stock quantity adjustments in product movements at POS
  • [RSELL-5960] – Improve date validation at POS to prevent forward dating
  • [RSELL-6429] – Highlight lines in red when selling into negative for lay-bys and customer orders
  • [RSELL-6431] – Allow for full product movement history to be viewed from POS
  • [RSELL-6446] – Allow completed sales to be linked to gift registries
  • [RSELL-6738] – Changing details on completed invoices
  • [RSELL-6451] – Integrate new customer creation between Readysell and WebX
  • [RSELL-6699] – Create a import for reading meter readngs from a csv file exported from Canon emaitenance
  • [RSELL-6729] – Inability to nominate a date for a sales order payment
  • [RSELL-6853] – Improve Emails Requesting Meter Counts To Handle Canon Meters
  • [RSELL-6881] – Reporting Requirements for Account Payments
  • [RSELL-7020] – Add “Opt Out” flag to contact people for marketing automation
  • [RSELL-6952] – Upgrade to XAF 14.2