Improve your shipping efficiency with IFS SmartFreight®

Improve your shipping efficiency with IFS SmartFreight®

IFS SmartFreight® logoSince our previous announcement about Readysell’s partnership with IFS SmartFreight®, a number of customers have taken advantage of this integration to streamline their supply chain process. We’d like to remind all of our customers about this new feature that we believe can bring great efficiencies to your business.

IFS SmartFreight® is a Transport Management System (TMS), which in combination with Readysell allows you to:

  • Automatically print carrier compliant labels for consignments generated from shipments in your Readysell system
  • Generate manifests based on the these consignments
  • Integrate with your existing courier or freight company, or generate generic labels that can be used for local deliveries
  • Automatically calculate the most economical carrier based on the destination, size and weight of the package

IFS SmartFreight® has a number of solutions designed to target business of all sizes. We recommend the cloud-based Express (SFX) edition for most Office Brands members who ship less than 150 consignments per week. This edition has minimal startup costs and operates on a pay-as-you-use basis based on your volume – you only pay for what you use.

Whether you are an existing IFS SmartFreight® customer, or looking to take up this system to improve your shipping efficiency, please contact Greg Payne at Readysell by calling (02) 9792-4439 or opening a ticket at our Support Centre.