Electronic ordering for General Stationery now available from Readysell

Electronic ordering for General Stationery now available from Readysell

Readysell and General Stationery are pleased to announce the availability of electronic ordering integration.

Readysell and General Stationery logos

Electronic ordering (known in the industry as EDI – electronic data interchange) is available free of charge for all Readysell customers. Ordering electronically can streamline your ordering process by:

  • Avoiding re-keying of data into your system
  • Eliminating manual printing, faxing, or emailing of orders
  • Providing you with early notice of what stock you will receive
  • Ensuring your order gets processed in a more timely manner

Readysell’s “hybrid EDI” approach means you’ll have full visibility into what you’re ordering before submitting, eliminating data alignment issues that can crop up with other EDI approaches.

Readysell is continuing to grow its list of industry integration partners for both electronic ordering and supplier stock integration. General Stationery joins the following list of integrated supplier partners:

  • ACCO Australia (Electronic ordering)
  • Alloys (Electronic ordering and stock level)
  • Anyware (Stock level)
  • Australian Paper (Electronic ordering)
  • Avery Dennison (Electronic ordering)
  • Dynamic Supplies (Electronic ordering and stock level)
  • Ed Office Products (Electronic ordering)
  • GNS Wholesale (Electronic ordering and stock level)
  • Ingram Micro (Stock level)
  • Leader Systems (Stock level)
  • Rubbermaid (Electronic ordering)
  • Satex Distributors (Electronic ordering and stock level)
  • Stationers Supply (Electronic ordering and stock level)
  • Synnex (Stock level)

If you are a Readysell 8 customer, you should have already been configured with this new integration. If you require additional training, please submit a ticket to the Readysell Helpdesk and will will advise you of how to use this feature. Readysell 7 customers can look forward to taking advantage of this and other great integrations upon upgrading to the Readysell 8 platform.