Summer scoop

Summer scoop

Australian flag thongs on the beachLimited support Monday 25th of January

Due to the Australia Day public holiday on Tuesday the 26th of January, many of our customers are either not trading or trading at a limited capacity on Monday the 25th of January.

Correspondingly, the Readysell office will be open for critical and emergency support only. If you require support on Monday, please call 02 9792 4439.

Automated updating of product data in Readysell 7

We previously announced that Readysell 7 customers have access to automated updates of product data from Office Brands. For those not yet making use of this feature, we’d like to send out a quick reminder.

The feature, “Price Book Runs”, can mass update pricing on existing products in your product file that match back to the Office Brands Data Portal. Price Book Runs are not for adding new products, it is only for updating existing products in your product file.

Please visit the Readysell Support Centre to view the documentation and please open a ticket if you would like assistance in implementing this feature on your system.

Readysell 8 development plans

We’re spending the first portion of 2016 working on small requests, improvements and quality improvements to Readysell 8. As such, the release of 8.31 (more details on that in the next couple of days) will be the last major update for a period of time.

As we ramp up again for development, we will send out a short plan/roadmap to give you an idea of what we plan to implement in 2016.

Update on Windows 10

Last year we notified you about Readysell’s support for and policy on Windows 10. We’d like to re-iterate our policy as a number of customers have landed themselves in trouble by not following the procedure.

Before you embark on upgrading any PCs in your business, please keep the following in mind:

  • We do NOT recommend doing any OS upgrades on machines used as servers
  • It’s safest to upgrade one PC at a time to minimize the impact of any expected or unexpected downtime
  • The best time to upgrade is after hours or non-working days, as this introduces the least amount of disruption

If you have any questions about Windows 10, our support staff will be more than happy to help out. Just open a support ticket and we’ll be right on the case.